About libre-mesh

Libre-Mesh project includes the development of several tools used for deploying libre/free mesh networks, check the objectives and agreements.

The firmware (the main piece) will allow simple deployment of auto-configurable, yet versatile, multi-radio mesh networks. Check the Network Architecture to see the basic ideas.

How to get libre-mesh firmware

Libre-Mesh firmware is organized as a feed of packages for OpenWRT. While it is already usable and almost functional it is still in a heavy development phase, you can find all the code in our github organization.

You can compile Libre-Mesh firmware yourself manually as explained on our wiki or use lime-build. We have a web tool (Chef) where you can customize images to some degree. And finally, you can find already compiled firmware binary built by us http://chef.altermundi.net/downloads/libre-mesh/r44952/1509/ar71xx/


This firmware comes to existance as a joint effort between three preexisting firmware projects: AlterMesh (Argentina), qMp (Catalunya) and eigenNet (Italia).

A brief description of each project and their components can be found at: Antecedents

Schedule, roadmap and status

The issue tracker shows the current status of our Roadmap and our complete feature list

Issue tracking

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