Libre-Mesh is an initiative undertaken by community networks members of several continents that collaborate towards a common goal: to develop a set of tools that facilitate the deployment of Free Networks on any community in the world.

Main tool is Libre-Mesh firmware: based on OpenWrt, eases the creation of WiFi communities, and enables existing communities to add roaming clouds to their networks.

Other tools are:
  • LibreNet6: mesh tunnel broker to supply global IPv6 to free community networks
  • Chef: custom-fitted firmware creator for communities
  • LibreMap (in collaboration with Freifunk): node plot in geographical location with automatic update of link quality in real-time.

While each tool stands on its own, and can be used separately, we strive to integrate them as much as possible, so that they work together the best.

This project was born as an effort to merge some preexistent firmware projects:

  • AlterMesh (from AlterMundi, Argentina)
  • qMp (from guifi.net, Catalunya)
  • eigenNet (from eigenLab, Ninux, Italia)
And with the support of some existent organizations:
  • the Free Network Foundation (from USA)
  • the Guifi.net Foundation (from Catalunya)

Feel free to join us in the users mailing list or the development mailing list .

Latest projects

  • librenet6 (10/18/2013 01:13 pm)

    mesh tunnel broker for community networks

  • libre-mesh firmware (05/07/2013 09:41 am)

    About libre-mesh

    Libre-Mesh project includes the development of several tools used for deploying libre/free mesh networks, check the objectives and agreements.

    The firmware (the main piece) will allow simple deployment of auto-configurable, yet versatile, multi-radio mesh networks. Check the Network Architecture to see the basic ideas....